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Whether you are a potential House Sitter looking for free accommodation or a House Owner looking for someone to mind your house and/or pets while you are away, the Australian House Sitter website will allow you to be able to contact a suitable person who can meet your needs. Check out our recent TESTIMONIALS.

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House Owners

Planning a holiday or an extended period away from your home? Having a House Sitter living in your house for the period you are away can give you the security and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy that holiday or period away. House Sitters will look after your pets, plants and gardens, collect and forward mail and any number of other jobs (within reason) that you may need during your absence. In return, generally all that is asked for is rent free accommodation. The use of utilities, water, gas, electricity and phone are negotiable between you and the House Sitter and could be influenced by things such as the location, length of time of the sit etc. There is no cost to the House Owner at all for our service.

For further info check our House Owners FAQ's

House Sitters

Rent free living is just one of the advantages of House Sitting. You can select House Sitting jobs in a wide variety of locations, cities or towns, interstate or in your local suburb if there is a listing. The jobs can be short or long term with animals, plants and gardens to care for or very little responsibilities. It just depends on what the House Owner requires.

For further info check our House Sitters FAQ's or to view articles on Housesitting Locations click on the following links -

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