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Looking for house sitting in Sydney?

If you are looking for house sitting in Sydney, either as a house sitter or an owner of a property that you need House sitting in Sydney for, this is the ideal way for travellers, tourists or anyone for that matter in need of mostly free accommodation to get to know this unique area without breaking the bank on hotels or other types of accommodation. House sitting in Sydney is an experience not to be missed with so much on offer at your door step. Sydney is Australia's largest and most heavily populated city and is the capital of New South Wales,with a temperate climate of warm summers and mild winters and is located approximately half way between Brisbane to the North and Melbourne to the South.

As a property owner requiring house sitting in Sydney, Australian House Sitter has a very large range of people looking for House sitting in Sydney positions. The choice is wide and we are sure you will find that perfect house sitter here.

If you are looking for a house sitting in Sydney postion, and would consider short term, medium term or long term House sitting in Sydney, then this city with its world famous harbour side location would suit the Sydney House sitting lifestyle. Plenty of choices of restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee shops to suit most tastes and budgets. The City of Sydney is a modern, crowded and fast paced city with the usual traffic and transport problems that afflict most major cities of the world.

Other attractions in the Sydney area are the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Botanical Gardens and Sydney Harbour to name a few. Sydney is ringed by National Parks including The Royal National Park to the south and The Blue Mountains to the west.

Recreational activities include –

· Approximately 40 Beaches (including Bondi and Manly)

· Cycling

· Surfing

· Boating

· Sailing

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