House Sitting in Ingham with Australian House Sitter

Looking for house sitting in Ingham?

Looking for house sitting in Ingham, either as a house sitter or an owner of a property that you need Housesitting for.

 As a property owner requiring house sitting in Ingham, Australian House Sitter has a very large range of people looking for Housesitting in Ingham positions. The choice is wide and we are sure you will find that perfect housesitter here.

If you are looking for a housesitting postion, and would consider short term, medium term or long term House Sitting in Ingham, then this location would suit the laid back Ingham House Sitting lifestyle. Plenty of choices of restaurants, clubs, bars and coffee shops to suit most tastes and budgets.

The Australian-Italian festival is one of the most popular events held in Ingham in May each year with many of Italian heritage coming from far afield for the festival.

Industries within the area are –

· Sugar Cane

· Cattle

· Watermelons

· Cattle

· Tourism

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