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House Sitting in Australia. Is it for me?

Sydney Harbour

House sitting in Australia has been thriving and growing for many years now.

This is why you’ll find more house sitting platforms there than anywhere else in the world, so why is that?

House sitting savings up to $25k a year

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SAVINGS are hard to come by in a low interest rate environment, but a growing number of Australians are using initiative and putting aside a fortune, just by sitting around.

Another House Sitting Disaster

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Don't be put off as most House Sitting jobs go well but check this excellent blog post out so you can be prepared before hand for most eventualities.


How to FAIL at House Sitting without really trying

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How to FAIL at House Sitting without really trying

So you’re thinking of doing some House Sitting, awesome!!


House Sitting has really taken off in Australia in the last few years due to the spiralling unaffordability of houses to purchase or rent.  If you are looking to save for a deposit or on rental costs this could be the way to achieve it.

Depending on what your house sitting expectations are, it could just be what you have been looking for, then again it could just be your worst nightmare if unprepared. Not to put too fine a point on it, House Sitting is not for everyone and there are numerous things that you need to make yourself aware of before committing to the House Sitting experience.

A House Sitting Bad Experience

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A House Sitting Bad Experience

It could happen to you!

 I am just home from my only bad housesitting experience in Scotland's Capital. The house was a perfect candidate for those programmes you see on UK tv - 'Clean My House' and 'Hoarders'. Below is a copy of an email I sent home -