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Planning a holiday or an extended period away from your home? Having a House Sitter living in your house for the period you are away can give you the security and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy that holiday or period away. House Sitters will look after your pets, plants and gardens, collect and forward mail and any number of other jobs (within reason) that you may need during your absence. In return, generally all that is asked for is rent free accommodation. The use of utilities, water, gas, electricity and phone are negotiable between you and the House Sitter and could be influenced by things such as the location, length of time of the sit etc. There is no cost to the House Owner at all for our service.

Why Australian House Sitter?

It is completely free to Home Owners, allowing you to peruse the House Sitter listings but you must be a member to contact them.

What are the advantages of having a House Sitter?

These are some of them:-

  • Security for your most valuable asset. Having someone living in your home could deter break ins or vandalism giving you peace of mind.
  • Some insurance companies require that the house not be left vacant for an extended period. Check with your insurer as to their requirements.
  • Maintaining a lived in look. Unmowned lawns and piled up newspapers and mail could signal that no one is at home.
  • Collection and/or redirection of mail.
  • Care of pets, animals, pool, gardens and lawns etc


Who House Sits?

Many different types of people sign up to house sit. Some of the things that may attract them could be:-

  • Short or long term accommodation.
  • Rent free living.
  • Living in different areas and getting to know the region.
  • Saving on accommodation costs when travelling.
  • Travelling and just need a break from the rigors of being on the road.


What are the Sitters responsibilities?

Everything is negotiable and depends on what is discussed and agreed upon by the House Sitter and you prior to doing the house sit. It is advisable to fully discuss what is required with them prior to commencing. You may require them:-

  • To look after the pets, feed and exercise them, ensure they remain happy, healthy and cared for as per your instructions.
  • Water lawns, gardens and plants. Mow the lawns and trim the plants, attend to the pool etc if and when needed.
  • Collect the mail, put out the garbage and other normal household duties.
  • Ensure the property is kept neat, clean and tidy.
  • Check and get your permission if they want other people in the house.


Do we pay the House Sitter?

Again everything is negotiable between you and the House Sitter. In most cases it is just a straight exchange of the house sitter looking after the house and pets etc for free accommodation. However, there could be sits where they are required to do more than what would be reasonably expected and you could be requested to make some payment for these extras. Negotiation is the key to it all.

 Does the House Sitter pay rent to the House Owner?

And again everything is negotiable. Normally it is just a straight swap however there could be times when a House Owner may ask for some weekly payment. The house could be in very much sort after area or the length of time of the sit may warrant a small payment by the House Sitter. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate.

 What about gas, electricity and phone calls?

Generally the house sitter pays for what they use but can again be subject to negotiation.

 Is it really FREE for House Owners? thumb up smiley

We do not charge House Owners anything to find a house sitter.

How do I edit or delete my listing?

Login to the site then click the "MY ACCOUNT" link in the menu and follow the instructions to edit or delete your advert. Please remove or edit the listing as soon as you have found a suitable applicant to help keep the site current for others. You can login after your membership has expired and renew it at any time.

What happens if my house gets damaged?

Flooded House

House sits are normally trouble free most of the time. Accidents sometimes do happen so if something is broken or damaged by the House Sitter it would be expected that the cost be met by them if it was their fault (although it may be covered by your insurance). If the damage was caused by normal wear and tear etc then the House Owner should cover the costs of the repairs and not expect the sitter to pay. We recommend that a house sitting agreement be used to prevent any potential problems. Australian House Sitter has a house sitting agreement that can be downloaded and printed. You are able to change the agreement to suit your needs.

How do I find a House Sitter using your website?

As a registered House Owner you can place a free listing and have one of our registered House Sitters contact you directly via your contact details (Email only. Full addresses or phone numbers are not given out) Also you are able to search the list of House Sitters and directly contact those that you feel are suitable. We recommend doing both to increase your chances of finding that perfect House Sitter.

How long does it take Australian House Sitter to reply to email enquiries?

We try to reply to email enquiries within 24 hours but please allow 48 hours in busy periods.

Do I need an email address?

You do need an active email address to register and then to activate and edit your profile. Members will need to contact you by email.

Do I need a house sitting agreement?


Some people feel more secure with an agreement. Whatever has been discussed and agreed to can be set out so both Sitter and Owner know where they stand. We do provide a House Sitting Agreement in our Members Area that can be downloaded and changed to suit your requirements.

How does the Australian House Sitter web site work?

All registered and current House Sitters profiles are searchable on our database. House Owners can search for the profiles of House Sitters listed for their area and can contact the House Sitter directly. Conversely, all registered House Sitters are able to contact directly any of the House Owners who have posted their details on the website. You must be registered before you are able to view the House Owners contact details. Also please note that not all House Owners list on the website, preferring to contact the sitter directly themselves.